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What are the main functions and operations of your agency?


  • A review of the literature on ACAs indicates that there is no standard approach or model when it comes to the establishment of an ACA and the definition of its mandate.
  • Some ACAs have been created from scratch, while others have built on existing ombudsman offices, special units within police departments, or justice departments.
  • The ACAs included in this initiative are no different. The majority of ACAs have some preventive and investigating functions, but prosecution is carried out by less than half.






The existence of anti-corruption laws is the first step in addressing corruption and creating an enabling environment for ACAs to operate effectively. Anti-corruption laws and regulations such as freedom of information, conflict of interest legislation, whistle-blower protection and financial disclosure, can facilitate the investigative and prosecution functions of ACAs.

For this reason, many countries have introduced this type of laws, as the data collected highlights. This may appear encouraging for the seemingly widespread existence of a comprehensive legal system in support of ACAs activities. It is however important to stress that the data presented capture the existence of the laws (“de jure” system) and not whether the laws are implemented (“de facto”).



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Three things hold Mexico back, according to President Enrique Peña Nieto: inequality, a tricky international economic environment and corruption.

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Unrest continues after $1 billion vanished from bank coffers last year
14 September 2015 - Thousands of protestors took to the streets of Chisinau for a second Sunday in a row to demand the...

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PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia -- The irony that leaders of the country hosting an international gathering against corruption are themselves embroiled in an embezzlement scandal provided unprecedented drama for...

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