Success Stories

This section provides some examples of anti-corruption authorities’ activities that have shown impact and promoted changes. While not an exhaustive list, these stories aim to highlight a range of promising results achieved by the different agencies. If you have a success story about your agencies’ achievements, please share it with us.


The Anti-Corruption Unit

The Anti-Corruption Unit has targeted 36 public enterprises for compliance investigations. It also uncovered a widespread HTG 100 million corruption scheme in the National Office for Old Age Insurance and, as a result, the agency‘s executive director has been jailed.

Sierra Leone

The Power to Investigate and Prosecute Corruption

Under the country‘s newly revised Anti-Corruption Act, the Anti-Corruption Commission has been able to recover the equivalent of $1.2 million in stolen assets and to oversee the conviction of 2 government ministers.


Bangkok International Film Festival Bribery

The National Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating allegations that a government official received more than $1.7 million in exchange for awarding multiple contracts for the Bangkok International Film Festival. Benefiting from assistance from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the case demonstrates effective international cooperation.

Costa Rica

Calderon Case

The credibility and effectiveness of Costa Rica‘s legal system was cemented in 2009 when its former President was sentenced to 5 years for embezzling funds from the social security system. 7 others were also sentenced for accepting kickbacks.


Fight Against Corruption Gives Positive Results

As a newer member of the European Union, Lithuania has made fighting corruption a top priority. It has strengthened its legal framework and created an independent investigative agency called the Special Investigative Service, which works closely with the National Audit Office.


Case of the Higher Court Judge in Bijelo Polje

In exchange for favorable rulings, a high court judge solicited bribes from defendants through another government official. Ultimately 5 people were indicted, tried, and sentenced to 7 years in prison. This case is testimony to the government‘s willingness to investigate and prosecute high-level corruption.


Philippine Experience Against Corruption

An internal audit unearthed a scheme in which 10 officials from a regional Rural Credit Guarantee Corporation siphoned off 17 million PHP by creating fictitious borrowers. Following the audit, the organization strengthened its controls and the National Bureau of Investigation ensured the responsible officials faced charges of graft and falsification of documents.


Anti-Corruption Agency Serbia

Serbia‘s Anti-Corruption Agency Act has, among other things, greatly enhanced transparency and public access to information. 95% of public officials made more than 16,500 asset declarations, the details of which have been made publicly available.


Case No. 09-20239cR-Houck. 0 50 wvAN Against Latin No De Inc Company

Following a US Department of Justice investigation, the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption opened its own investigation into a corruption scheme in the telecommunications industry. Nearly $1.2 million in bribes were paid to high-ranking officials at TeleYemen, the Yemeni state-owned telecommunications company, and Ministry of Telecommunications.


Corruption Prosecution in Chile

The Public Prosecutor‘s Office undertook a two-year investigation into charges that public officials were using funds earmarked for the Employment Generation Programme to pay the salaries of their election campaign agents. This high-profile case resulted in 10 convictions.