This section provides readers with the latest news regarding anti-corruption issues worldwide.

Indonesian film collection “Us Against Corruption” gives hope to combating everyday corruption

Popcorn. Cola. Love. Betrayal. Tears. Laughter. A collective gasp from the audience as a local heartthrob appears on screen. A unified “uh-oh” as one of the characters is about to discover her husband’s love affair. Tears as some parents have to make agonising choices about their children. The stars of the film waiting outside to sign autographs and talk. A typical evening at the movies as part of Jakarta’s vibrant nightlife? Not a bit of it. The audience packed into the Epicentrum XXI cinema in Jakarta last Tuesday evening were there to watch four short films about the pernicious and devastating impact of corruption on people’s lives. [field_txt_news_link]

Support grows for corruption informants

Australians overwhelmingly support protections for whistleblowers and their right to go to the media, according to a landmark poll. Debunking the notion that Australians dislike ''dobbers'' (Australian slang for persons who tell what you’ve been up to, usually something bad). The nationwide survey also supports the federal government’s efforts to introduce promised legislation to safeguard whistleblowers. [field_txt_news_link]

FIFA asks war crimes prosecutor to investigate corruption

FIFA nominates Luis Moreno-Ocampo to lead its anti-corruption unit. The Argentinian prosecutor is best known for pursuing war crimes charges against Libya's late Moammar Gadhafi and the president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir. [field_txt_news_link]

International Anti-corruption Academy

2nd Newsletter, May 30, 2012 [field_txt_news_link]

White Paper suggests four-pronged strategy to curb black money

The government of India has tabled the much-awaited White Paper on black money in Parliament, which did not disclose any name but made a strong case for setting up Lokpal and Lokayuktas to deal with the menace. [field_txt_news_link]

UN's Public Service award in Preventing and Combating Corruption in the Public Service

The United Nations Public Service Awards is the most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service. It rewards the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions that lead to a more effective and responsive public administration in countries worldwide. Through an annual competition, the UN Public Service Awards promotes the role, professionalism and visibility of public service. [field_txt_news_link]

Pitch Your Workshop Session at the 2012 International Anti-Corruption Conference

There is an invitation for actors from civil society, the public and private sectors, journalists, activists, academics, students and young people from all around the world to submit proposals for workshop sessions that will take place this November in Brasilia at the 2012 International Anti-Corruption Conference. [field_txt_news_link]

Anti-corruption website launched in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption has launched websites to better provide people with information about the situation in the field. The websites are:, and The websites will publish laws and policies of the Party and State. They are expected to serve as bridges between the Party, State and people in making concrete efforts in fighting corruption. [field_txt_news_link]

Environmental Activist Shot Dead in Cambodia

Chut Wutty, the director of the Natural Resource Protection Group and one of Cambodia’s leading campaigners against illegal logging and land grabs, was shot dead by military police on Wednesday. [field_txt_news_link]

Launch of the Integrity Initial Public Offering during 21st session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna

A new initiative to involve the private sector in tackling corruption was launched at the Crime Commission in Vienna. The Integrity Initial Public Offering ffers businesses the chance to help developing countries tackle corruption and strengthen their ability to fight it. [field_txt_news_link]