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Anti-Corruption for Development

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In Jammu and Kashmir, Corruption is the Story of Growth, Innovation

The corruption story is getting bold and innovative in Kashmir. It has been the fifth day since a Jammu newspaper reported about a cabinet minister flying cash-stuffed briefcases to Jammu from Srinagar and nobody in the government bothered to react. The minister identified as somebody carrying a "meticulously clean" image with an "intellectual bent of mind" has flown four such briefcases in last two months. The modus operandi has been innovative. A confidant in his personal security ring would list his official car under a particular category that would skip its physical search at the outer gate. The bag would be handed over to any private airliner with 'rush' tag and after x-ray (where the money was detected but not stopped) it would be on board as a person would receive the 'consignment' from the airline in Jammu. [field_txt_news_link]

Money, Power, Politics and Corruption: U.S. vs. China

A penetrating article in Vanity Fair this month raised questions about the finances of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, a recent story by Bloomberg Business News, “Xi Jinping Millionaire Relations Reveal Fortunes of Elite,” caused a furor in China-watching circles and angered the Chinese government with its well-sourced account of the substantial wealth amassed by Mr. Xi’s close relatives, including his siblings. It raised important questions about the nexus of political power and wealth. [field_txt_news_link]

Are We There Yet? The World Bank’s Anti-Corruption Record

The World Bank has a new president, Jim Yong Kim of the United States, and it is hoped he will embrace the consistent anti-corruption stance of his predecessor Robert Zoellick. When he takes over the reins on 1 July, one of Kim’s first tasks should be to take a long hard look at current World Bank anti-corruption reforms and what work remains to be done. [field_txt_news_link]

Billions Down the Afghan Hole

The major donors and Afghan government officials that met in Tokyo last July 5 to discuss future aid to Afghanistan have to face up to a bitter truth: As much as $1 billion of the $8 billion in the past eight years has been lost to corruption. All governments in Tokyo must show that business as usual cannot continue. [field_txt_news_link]

World Bank Cancels $1.2 Billion Bangladesh Loan

The World Bank scrapped a $1.2 billion loan to build Bangladesh's longest bridge, citing concerns over corruption in the project. [field_txt_news_link]

Newly Launched Website Fights Corruption in Indonesia  is a website aimed at fighting corruption in Indonesia. Launched on June 19, the site has proved to be an immediate success; it in its first week it has drawn near to 2 million visitors. The portal displays the name and photo of a hundred or so people convicted of corruption along with details of the case, like the sentences received or how much money they took in bribes. [field_txt_news_link]

Transparency International: Half of Spain's Provincial Authorities Fail the Transparency Test

Transparency International Spain produced an index that shows how easy it is for citizens to find out what their local councils are doing. [field_txt_news_link]

Indonesia Graft Agency in Funding Drive

With parliamentarians refusing to stump up the cash for a much-needed headquarters for Indonesia’s powerful anti-corruption commission, campaigners are attempting to raise the money directly from citizens. [field_txt_news_link]

Singapore Official Charged in Rare Corruption Case

A former top Singapore government official has been charged with accepting sexual favors from women seeking to influence government contracts. This is a rare corruption case in the city-state, which prides itself on transparency in government and business. [field_txt_news_link]