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IACA News Bulletin

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Corruption under the microscope at G20 conference

Corruption ultimately causes companies to lose their competitiveness and efficiency, according to Business-20 (B20) Turkey Chairman Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu. Speaking at the annual High-Level Conference on Anti-Corruption in Istanbul on March 6th, Mr Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu said bribery is not profitable for businesses in the long run. [field_txt_news_link]

Corruption behind Tanzania's increasing wildlife poaching incidents: report

A fresh report on the status of Tanzania's wildlife sector cited corruption as one of the reasons behind the increasing incidents of wildlife poaching in the East African nation. The 82-page report, which was released here on Monday, came after a study carried out by the Arusha NGO Network (ANGONET) in collaboration with Kepa, a Finnish NGO Platform. Some wildlife officials have been implicated with corruption practices in the report titled "State of corporate social responsibility in the wildlife sector". [field_txt_news_link]

KPK down, but not out yet

PK throws in the towel,” media outlets, including The Jakarta Post, blared on their front page on Tuesday in response to the end of the anticorruption body’s investigation into alleged bribery involving former police chief candidate Comr. Gen. Budi Gunawan. [field_txt_news_link]

Burkina passes corruption law required for World Bank support

Burkina Faso's interim parliament has approved an anti-corruption law, one of two pieces of legislation required by the World Bank before it will release $100 million in budget support. [field_txt_news_link]

Can Mexico's Pena Nieto Walk the Walk Against Corruption?

After a string of scandals throughout 2014, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s corruption-related troubles haven’t let up this year. A high-profile former governor with close ties to Pena Nieto’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has had his vast collection of luxury real estate in the United States revealed, prompting accusations of impropriety, while another former governor is under investigation for embezzling millions of dollars of public funds. [field_txt_news_link]

Ex-mines minister found guilty of corruption

Zambia's former mines minister was convicted of corruption on Monday for his role in the award of prospecting licences to a Chinese mining company in 2009. Delivering judgment in the matter, magistrate Lameck Mwale said the prosecution had proved that Maxwell Mwale interfered in the award of licences to Zhonghui International Mining Group. The magistrate said several witnesses testified that Mwale interfered in the licensing process for personal benefit and the Chinese company was subsequently awarded the licences. Mwale is in prison awaiting sentencing on Friday. [field_txt_news_link]

Oil minister open to publishing audit on 'missing' oil revenue

Nigeria's oil minister has said she is open to publishing the full findings of an investigation into allegations that billions of dollars of oil revenue have gone missing, after the government's decision to reveal only brief "highlights" of the probe prompted opposition outrage. Diezani Alison-Madueke told the Financial Times that both she and President Goodluck Jonathan would not oppose publication of the forensic audit of Nigeria's national oil accounts by PwC, the professional services firm. [field_txt_news_link]

Oman Reports Increased Ecomomic Growth and Perceived Transparency

Since the Arab Spring Uprising 2011, the Omani government has responded to demands to increase political openness and reduce corruption. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has implemented a number of measures aiming to improve economic prospects and address corruption particularly within the oil and gas contract tendering process. Measures have included amending the Basic Statute of the State which empower the Shura Council and the State Council with greater legislative and monitoring powers, and the signing of the U.N. Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). [field_txt_news_link]