This section provides readers with the latest news regarding anti-corruption issues worldwide.

Corruption concerns taint burgeoning China-Africa trade

Africa’s mineral, timber and oil wealth has been highly sought – and fought over – for years, mainly by Western nations. Today, though, Africa has become a strong trading partner for China, which surpassed the United States in 2009 and whose bilateral trade reached $210 billion in 2013. [field_txt_news_link]

Commentary by Jim Yong Kim, President, World Bank Group - How technology is beating corruption

"Good governance is critical for all countries around the world today. When it doesn’t exist, many governments fail to deliver public services effectively, health and education services are often substandard and corruption persists in rich and poor countries alike, choking opportunity and growth. It will be difficult to reduce extreme poverty — let alone end it — without addressing the importance of good governance. [field_txt_news_link]

The Basel Institute on Governance releases 2014 Edition of the Basel AML Index

The 2014 edition is the third release of the Basel Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Index. First published in April 2012, it continues to be the only rating of country money laundering/terrorist financing risk by an independent non-profit institution. The current Basel AML Index edition covers 162 countries and focuses on anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CTF) frameworks and other related factors such as financial/public transparency and judicial strength. [field_txt_news_link]

Boletín Digital de la Oficina Anticorrupción del

Boletín Digital de la Oficina Anticorrupción del Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos. Nº 38  -  Agosto de 2014 [field_txt_news_link]

European website offers easy access to global aid data

The European Commission has unveiled "EU Aid Explorer", a website designed to offer easy and transparent access to global data on development and humanitarian aid. The developers of the EU Aid Explorer say their site will, for the first time, bring together data from several major aid databases. The site tracks donors’ activities, using infographics to show how much money was given by which organisations or nations in a given year and where it was spent. [field_txt_news_link]

Scheme equips locals with skills to spot aid abuse

AidData’s Summer Fellows programme dispatches student researchers to train civil society organisations in the developing world in data handling skills so that they can track aid and development spending in their locality is expanding this year. This training is designed to help local people hold donor organisations to account, according to the programme’s organisers. AidData has 21 fellows this working with 12 organisations in Mexico, Nepal, Senegal, Timor-Leste and Uganda. [field_txt_news_link]

Anti-graft agency report says Indian Railways top in corruption complaints list

India's Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) said that the Indian Railways topped the list of government organizations against whom complaints of alleged corruption were received. The CVC in its annual report for 2013 said that as many as 11,243 complaints of alleged corruption were received against Indian Railways employees followed by 7,365 against bank officials and 3,739 against Income Tax officials. [field_txt_news_link]

Court sentences for corruption too lenient - Indonesia Corruption Watch

Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) has urged the Supreme Court to write a letter instructing all judges and prosecutors to hand down maximum punishments in corruption cases and recover state funds as far as possible. ICW researcher Emerson Yuntho said an issuance letter could be a stimulus for judges and prosecutors in giving severe punishments as well as building agreement on eradicating corruption. [field_txt_news_link]

Call for Nominations -- First Annual GOPAC Intl Anti-Corruption Award

Around the world our GOPAC members are fighting tirelessly towards a corruption-free world. But among these many dedicated fighters are individuals or groups that exemplify to the highest degree what it means to be a GOPAC member. They carry GOPAC’s core values of INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, COLLABORATION, and DIVERSITY into every aspect of their lives. Their commitment to the fight against corruption is demonstrated through past or current initiatives. [field_txt_news_link]

WikiLeaks publishes Australian court gag order

Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has accused the Australian federal government of “blindfolding the Australian public” over what it calls an “unprecedented” case of censorship. The whistleblower website has published a Victorian Supreme Court suppression order, concerning a corruption case that involves former and current leaders of Asian nations. [field_txt_news_link]