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EU anti-corruption apathy will boost eurosceptics

Transparency International (TI) recently warned that the EU's anti-corruption mechanisms have not kept pace with the expansion of its operations. However, there is no political appetite to undertake its proposed reforms to bring the EU's anti-corruption framework up to global 'best practices' -- especially since some would require treaty changes. [field_txt_news_link]

350 delegates to join Macau anti-money laundering meeting

More than 350 delegates from 41 jurisdictions will take part in the 17th Annual Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Group (APG) on Money Laundering from 15-18 July 2014. Organized by the Macau Special Administrative Region government, the event will discuss anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing strategies, and share experiences in fighting such crimes. The APG was founded in Bangkok in 1997 as an autonomous international organization that fosters cooperation and compliance with internationally recognized standards. The current co-chairs of the APG are Australia and China. [field_txt_news_link]

Explaining Success at the World Cup: Money or Governance?

It is no secret that FIFA has been mired in governance and corruption scandals for many years. The challenges keep piling up as the man at the helm, Sepp Blatter, clings to power indefinitely, illustrating the extent to which some international sports organizations lag behind many countries in terms of democratic governance standards. [field_txt_news_link]

UNDP Anti-Corruption for Development News Update - July 2014 - Vol. 21

Latest anti-corruption news from UNDP. [field_txt_news_link]

Latest in ANTI-CORRUPTION research: Issue 16 ACRN Newsletter

This newsletter is part of the Anti-Corruption Research Network (ACRN), a Transparency International initiative to strengthen the knowledge community and information service for anti-corruption research. [field_txt_news_link]

Regional agencies seek more powers to fight corruption

Anti-corruption agencies in East African Community member states are pushing for the speedy finalisation of the regional protocol on anti-corruption to help fight new graft trends in the region. The signing of the East African Community Protocol on Preventing and Combating Corruption has been hampered by differences among member states on whether to give prosecutorial powers to their respective anti-corruption agencies.   [field_txt_news_link]

U4 News July 2014

Publications, online courses, workshops, and more news. [field_txt_news_link]

Sudan reportedly removed from list of money laundering countries

Sudan has succeeded in convincing the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to disregard classifying the country as a high risk state in the field of money laundering and anti-terrorism. Documents outlining Sudan's case were forwarded by the Ministry of Justice to the FATF during a recent meeting in Paris. The Justice Ministry Undersecretary said that the endorsement of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws as new amendments is necessary to ensure Sudan is applying the international standards. [field_txt_news_link]

Rights Group Sues Nigeria's Leader Over Corruption

A rights group is suing Nigeria's president and attorney general for dropping corruption charges against the son of the former military dictator accused of helping to launder millions in stolen funds. The government last month withdrew charges against Mohammad Abacha in a deal that saw $227 million looted by Gen. Sani Abacha and held in Liechtenstein returned to Nigeria. The money had been held up for years by Abacha family lawsuits. [field_txt_news_link]

Kenya cleared on cash laundering watchlist

Kenya has been removed from a watch list of countries that are not sufficiently combating money laundering and terror financing.   [field_txt_news_link]