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World Bank publishes data & lessons learned on all Debarment Cases since 2007

The World Bank has released the first public report from its Office of Suspension and Debarment furthering its commitment to transparency and accountability regarding its process for firms and individuals accused of fraud and corruption in the projects it finances. Previously, reports have been issued by the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency, which carries out investigations, as well as by the World Bank Group Sanctions Board.
Covering the period 2007 through June 30, 2013, the report provides case processing and other performance metrics related to 224 sanctions imposed on firms and individuals in Bank-financed projects. Most of these sanctions have resulted in debarments, where firms and individuals are rendered ineligible to receive World Bank-financed contracts from shareholder governments. Many of these sanctioned parties are automatically cross-debarred by other Multilateral Development Banks as well.