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Vacancy Announcement

In the context of Afghanistan, supporting the government’s holistic anti-corruption strategy requires a novel mechanism for international assistance. It is an empirical fact that every government that has experienced and benefitted from improvements in the Governance and combat of public and private sector corruption has established an independent framework to monitor and evaluate the executive branch’s efforts to combat and prevent corruption.


In all governments that enjoy high levels of public sector governance this takes the form of parliamentary or national assembly (legislative) committees mandated with the task to monitor the executive branches’ agencies in charge of law enforcement and crime prevention. In other governments with low institutional development, “blue ribbon” commissions are sometimes established; all composed of highly prestigious national and international members with the mandate to technically evaluate the nature, effectiveness, and impact of preventive and punitive policies against public and private sector corruption.


In this circumstance, the Government of Afghanistan invited the international community to form an Afghan and International Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC) to offer it policy advice and monitor and evaluate progress against specific benchmarks. The invitation from the Government of Afghanistan was welcomed by the international community gathered in the London Conference. In this context, four position related to MEC are open. Please find attached the Term of Reference (TORs) below. The TORs provide a brief history of the MEC, including its essential role in monitoring efforts of the government to combat corruption and promote accountability and transparency in the public sector. Please note the deadline for application is January 15, 2012.


Governance Expert (International post)

Law Enforcement Expert (International post)

Prevention Expert (International post)

Senior Policy Advisor (International Post)


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