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Mo Ibrahim Foundation records some improvement in African governance index

The 2014 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG), launched on Monday, shows that between 2009 and 2013 overall governance improved on the African continent. However, over the past ten years, the main drivers of this overall positive trend have changed. The results of the 2014 IIAG challenge our perceptions about the state of African governance. Africa is progressing but the story is complex and doesn’t fit the stereotypes. Even if the overall picture looks good, we must all remain vigilant and not get complacent,  said Mo Ibrahim, Chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.  At the country level, the index shows countries that were in the bottom half of the rankings register the largest improvements over the past five years which include Co´te d'Ivoire, Guinea, Niger and Zimbabwe, all of which have changed course since 2009 from negative trajectories to become the biggest improvers on the continent.  Meanwhile, the historically strong performers, Mauritius, Cape Verde, Botswana, South Africa and Seychelles, have shown some deterioration in at least one category over the past five years, notwithstanding that all these countries remain on overall upward trends.  The 2014 IIAG results show that high ranking countries cannot assume that future achievements will necessarily follow previous accomplishments. More generally, let us make sure that the Africa Rising narrative, that everyone is talking about, truly benefits all African people, said Jay Naidoo, Board Member of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. In her turn, Mary Robinson, a Board member of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation said,  With a growing electorate that has demonstrated a desire to be heard, the results of the 2014 IIAG confirm that Participation & Human Rights is a crucial aspect of governance that governments cannot ignore. Meanwhile, the Safety & Rule of Law category continues to expose concerning trends, with 12 countries showing their weakest performance since 2000, in 2013.