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In Jammu and Kashmir, Corruption is the Story of Growth, Innovation

The Economic Times
July 13, 2012
The corruption story is getting bold and innovative in Kashmir. It has been the fifth day since a Jammu newspaper reported about a cabinet minister flying cash-stuffed briefcases to Jammu from Srinagar and nobody in the government bothered to react. The minister identified as somebody carrying a "meticulously clean" image with an "intellectual bent of mind" has flown four such briefcases in last two months. The modus operandi has been innovative. A confidant in his personal security ring would list his official car under a particular category that would skip its physical search at the outer gate. The bag would be handed over to any private airliner with 'rush' tag and after x-ray (where the money was detected but not stopped) it would be on board as a person would receive the 'consignment' from the airline in Jammu.