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The Government of Albania launches anti-corruption portal (Panorama)

The government presented on Monday the national online anti-corruption platform, at an event supported by the OSCE Presence in Albania and the UNDP. Prime Minister Edi Rama said that citizens can use the portal anonymously to denounce cases of corruption and even attach relevant documents. He said that the government was ready for this challenge and that citizens now had a weapon in their hands to fight corruption. He invited them to support the government in the fight against corruption, and added that the government would deepen reforms, transform sectors and adopt them for a quality life for citizens on one hand, while building an anti-corruption alliance with citizens on the other. He said that all reports made by citizens in this portal, will be followed by the operational centre, as well as the Prime Minister, the respective minister and the Anti-Corruption Department, and that an official reply will be received within 30 days. In a reaction, Democratic Party (DP) Chair Lulzim Basha accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of not handling the floods situation properly. According to Basha, the government was organizing parades, while the entire country is under water. He said that Rama, instead of assisting the inhabitants affected by the floods, was giving speeches in front of cameras. According to Basha, the anti-corruption parade was disgusting since no high official was brought to justice for their corruptive affairs yet. Basha argued that this was because Rama and Meta were the symbols, shield and warranty of political corruption.