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Ghana's Mahama to fight ‘Institutionalized’ graft with new bills

Ghana is introducing “numerous”measures to reduce corruption while cabinet ministers will be urged to deal with civil servants guilty of embezzlement, President John Dramani Mahama said.  Ghana’s parliament is considering bills that improve the right of information, support whistleblowers and handle conflicts of interest, Mahama said in a speech today in the capital, Accra. Corruption has become “institutionalized,” he said.  “We must, as a nation, start talking honestly about corruption,” Mahama said. “We can no longer afford the double-talk, the turning of a blind eye, the refusal to expose dishonest and venal colleagues.”  Mahama referred in his speech to accusations of corruption involving a high-ranking government appointee, saying the chief justice was dealing with the matter. Ghana ranks as number 61 on the global Corruption Perceptions Index published annually by the watchdog Transparency International. The list ranks 174 countries, placing the least corrupt countries at the top.