This section provides readers with the latest news regarding anti-corruption issues worldwide.

Corruption: The Priority Intelligence Requirements

As a bewildering array of convulsions rocks the globe, from Honduras to Nigeria, Iraq to Ukraine, there is increasing reason to believe that acute corruption contributes to international instability. Ukraine’s revolution was in part a rejection of the entrenched corruption of Viktor Yanukovych’s regime. A large swath of Sunni Iraq fell to the self-declared Islamic State after then prime minister Nouri al-Maliki bent Iraqi state function to benefit a tight-knit Shia network, exasperating much of the public. Exploiting similar grievances and popular indignation, militant, puritanical groups are making inroads from Nigeria to Pakistan. Banners and slogans from the Arab Spring revolutions suggest they too represented, at least in part, an uprising against kleptocratic governance; several have now spun out of control. Elsewhere, without resorting to violence, populations have staged mass protests against the corrupt practices of their ruling elites.