Diagnostic Survey

An initial step of this initiative is to collect in-depth information on individual ACAs. The World Bank team has developed a diagnostic survey that gathers basic, factual information on each ACA and its institutional setup. The Bank team first approached the representatives of the ACAs that attended the Workshop in March and asked them to complete the survey. The aim of this exercise was to facilitate knowledge sharing where each ACA, practitioners and international actors obtain information about the progress and structure of ACAs. The team then reached out to the members of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) and asked their members to complete a short version of the survey. In particular, the team has received the support of the head of the European Partners Against Corruption (EPAC) to ensure that EPAC members will complete the survey. The following database, continuously updated, provides the results of the surveys completed by the heads of the respective ACAs and their teams.  

August 2010


The Prosecutor`s Office

July 2010


Anti-Corruption Unit

June 2010



May 2010


Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau

May 2010


Transparency and Fighting Corruption Commission of the Guatemala Vice-presidency

May 2010

Slovak Republic

Bureau of the Fight against Corruption of the Presidium of the Police Force