Profiles: Zambia

Last Updated: January 2015


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) was established in 1980 under an Act of Parliament, the Corrupt Practices Act No. 14. This Act has since been repealed by the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, No. 42 of 1996. In 2003, the ACC developed a Strategic Plan for 2004 - 2008. This plan was developed in consultation with various stakeholders; a key observation from this process was that the Commission was not doing much towards the prevention of corruption. As a result, the Strategic Plan shifted emphasis from Investigations and Prosecutions to Corruption Prevention.

Does your government have a single or primary anticorruption strategy?

Yes. It was last updated in 2011

What are the main anticorruption laws of your country?

  • Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012
  • Prohibition and Prevention of Money Laundering Act No. 14 of 2001 (As amended by the Act No.44 of 2010)
  • Anti-Terrorism Act No. 21 of 2007
  • Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No. 1 of 2010
  • Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act No. 4 of 2010
  • Plea Negotiation and Agreements Act No. 20 of 2010
  • Financial Intelligence Act No. 46 of 2010

Is there one agency in charge of coordinating AC efforts across agencies?

Yes, the Anti-corruption commission coordinates anti-corruption activities across agencies, specifically on policy and implementation.

Functions Research,Prevention,Investigation,Prosecution
Permanent Staff 329
Number of prosecutors(if applicable) 15
Number of investigators (if Applicable) 117

Number of cases handled annually

Budget Autonomy No
Annual Budget of the Agency US$ 13 million (ZMK 85,000,000)
Are employees protected by law from recrimination or other negative consequences when reporting corruption (i.e. whistle-blowing)? Yes
Does your country have freedom of information legislation? No
Does your country have conflict of interest legislation? Yes
Does your country have a financial disclosure system to help prevent conflicts of interest? No
Who appoints the head of your agency? The president of the Republic of Zambia subject to ratification by National Assembly.
Who has the authority to remove the head of the ACA? Parliament, through a simple majority vote and upon reconstitution of a tribunal that will determine the outcome of the decision to be made.
Is there any term limit for the head of the ACA? Yes , The person appointed Director General shall vacate that office on attainment of the age of sixty-five years.
Does your agency measure performance? Yes
Number of investigations launched
Number of investigations completed
Ratio of number of investigations/staff
Percentage of total budget allocated to outreach activities and communication
Percentage increase in number of ACC personnel with enhanced skills in corruption prevention, asset recovery and evaluation.
Number of laws reviewed or amended to incorporate anti-corruption provisions, especially in private sector and percentage in time reduction taken to dispose of cases in courts of law.
Full access to Government Yes