Profiles: Kosovo

Last Updated: September 2012


The Kosovo Anti-corruption Agency (ACA) was established in July 17, 2007. ACA is an independent body, accountable to the Assembly and its responsibilities are regulated based on the provisions of the Law on Suppression of Corruption. According to the Article 23 of the Corruption Suppression Law, the ACA should prepare the Anti-corruption Strategy for the government and approval by the Assembly and has the responsibility for making amendments and its implementation. The ACA, to which public officials report cases of corruption, forwards all information regarding corruption to the Office of the Public Prosecutor, and monitors the assets of senior officials through a process of declaration of their assets.

Does your government have a single or primary anticorruption strategy?

There is currently a primary Anti-Corruption Strategy.

What are the main anticorruption laws of your country?

Law on anti-corruption Agency no. 03/L-159, Law on declaration, origin, control of assets for public senior officials and declaration, origin and control of gifts for all public officials 04/L-050 and Law on prevention of conflict of the interest 04/L-051.

Is there one agency in charge of coordinating AC efforts across agencies?

Functions Research,Prevention,Investigation
Permanent Staff 35
Number of prosecutors(if applicable) N/A
Number of investigators (if Applicable) 22

Number of cases handled annually


Budget Autonomy Yes
Annual Budget of the Agency US $ 639,300
Are employees protected by law from recrimination or other negative consequences when reporting corruption (i.e. whistle-blowing)? Yes
Does your country have freedom of information legislation? Yes
Does your country have conflict of interest legislation? Yes
Does your country have a financial disclosure system to help prevent conflicts of interest? Yes
Who appoints the head of your agency? Parliament
Who has the authority to remove the head of the ACA? Parliament
Is there any term limit for the head of the ACA? Yes , director is elected for five (5) years mandate and can be re-elected only for one more mandate.
Does your agency measure performance? Yes
Number of investigations launched
Number of investigations completed
Percentage of total budget allocated to outreach activities and communication
Full access to Government Yes