Profiles: Slovak Republic

Last Updated: May 2010


The Ministry of the Interior takes part in the development of general policies for fighting corruption and in the drafting of relevant legislation. The Bureau of the Fight against Corruption of the Presidium of the Police Force is a specialized anti-corruption unit established within the Organized Crime Section of the Slovak Police Corps Presidium – the Department for Combating Corruption. It is mandated with investigation power, execution of preventive and destructive actions, and analyzing and documentation.

Does your government have a single or primary anticorruption strategy?

There is currently a single Anti-Corruption Strategy, and it is called Strategy of Crime Prevention in the Slovak Republic 2007 – 2010.

What are the main anticorruption laws of your country?

  • Penal Code - Act No. 300/2005 Coll: Accepting bribes pursuant to Section 328 - 331 of the Penal Code, Offering bribes pursuant to Section 332 - 335 of the Penal Code and  Indirect bribes pursuant to Section 336 of the Penal Code .
  • Code of Criminal Procedure - Act No. 301/2005 Coll.

Is there one agency in charge of coordinating AC efforts across agencies?

Functions Investigation,Policy
Permanent Staff 185
Number of prosecutors(if applicable)
Number of investigators (if Applicable)

Number of cases handled annually

Budget Autonomy No
Annual Budget of the Agency The agency does not have a separate budget.
Are employees protected by law from recrimination or other negative consequences when reporting corruption (i.e. whistle-blowing)? Yes
Does your country have freedom of information legislation? Yes
Does your country have conflict of interest legislation? No
Does your country have a financial disclosure system to help prevent conflicts of interest? Yes
Who appoints the head of your agency? The minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic
Who has the authority to remove the head of the ACA? The minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic
Is there any term limit for the head of the ACA? No
Does your agency measure performance? Yes
Number of investigations launched
Number of investigations completed
Full access to Government Yes