Profiles: Slovenia

Last Updated: January 2012


Following the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) report in December 2000, a few steps towards implementing some form of anti-corruption mechanisms were made by recommending that Slovenia adopt a national anti -corruption strategy and establish a body for its implementation. As a result, the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption was established under the Prevention of Corruption Act (ZPKor) on 1 October 2004 as an independent state authority.  On 5th of June 2010, the Integrity and Corruption Prevention Act (ZIntPK) was adopted, while ZPKor expired. ZIntPK retained the name of the CPC and expanded some of the investigative and sanctioning powers of the CPC and made it not only the national focal point for prevention of corruption, but also for lobbying oversight, whistleblower protection, and integrity of public sector. Furthermore, ZIntPK expanded its reach beyond the public into the private and business sector. The amendments to the Act adopted in June 2011 further strengthened the powers of the CPC to subpoena financial documents for the public and private sector and to hold accountable magistrates, officials, public servants, management and boards of public enterprises for corruption, conflict of interest or breach of ethics.

Does your government have a single or primary anticorruption strategy?

Yes. There is currently a single Anti-Corruption Strategy, t.i.  Resolution on the Prevention of Corruption in the Republic of Slovenia.

What are the main anticorruption laws of your country?

Integrity and Prevention of Corruption Act (Official Gazette No69/2011)

Is there one agency in charge of coordinating AC efforts across agencies?

Functions Prevention,Investigation
Permanent Staff 39
Number of prosecutors(if applicable)
Number of investigators (if Applicable) N/A

Number of cases handled annually

1237 in 2011

Budget Autonomy Yes
Annual Budget of the Agency US$ 2.52 Million
Are employees protected by law from recrimination or other negative consequences when reporting corruption (i.e. whistle-blowing)? Yes
Does your country have freedom of information legislation? Yes
Does your country have conflict of interest legislation? Yes
Does your country have a financial disclosure system to help prevent conflicts of interest? Yes
Who appoints the head of your agency? The President of the Republic of Slovenia.
Who has the authority to remove the head of the ACA? The President (on his/her own motion or on the motion of the Parliament).
Is there any term limit for the head of the ACA? Yes , 6 years with a possibility for re-appointment.
Does your agency measure performance? Yes
Number of investigations launched
Full access to Government Yes