This section provides readers with the latest news regarding anti-corruption issues worldwide.

UNODC launches comprehensive India National Anti-Corruption Referral

On 29 May 2014, UNODC launched the National Anti-Corruption Referral of key contacts in vigilance and anti-corruption desks across India'. The referral contains 10,000 entries and provides relevant contact information on vigilance desks in a variety of institutions at the national level, such as the Central Bureau of Investigation, Central Vigilance Commission and the Enforcement Directorate. Read More

GOPAC granted observer status in the Egmont Group

The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) has been granted Observer Status in the Egmont Group. The Egmont Group represents the vast majority of Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) around the world. These FIUs monitor financial transactions locally and globally, and identify suspicious transactions for follow-up and investigation by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. They also play an important role in the recovery and repatriation of stolen corrupt assets. Read More

UNDP to launch Social Innovation Fund on Anti-Corruption for Development in Asia-Pacific

Using text messages to crowdsource corruption information. Establishing citizens' accountability forums to review development plans and budget allocations at the local level. Digitizing scholarship data to increase school enrolment of girls from marginalized groups. These are just three of some 14 anti-corruption initiatives being considered for the Social Innovation Fund on Anti-Corruption for Development.

Unveiling the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)

It is my great pleasure to announce the start of an exciting new chapter of our work to help people benefit from their countries’ endowments of oil, gas and minerals. Beginning today, we have a new name: the Natural Resource Government Institute. Our organization, now with over 70 talented staff around the globe, is the result of the recent merger between the Revenue Watch Institute and the Natural Resource Charter. Together, we are thrilled to continue our journey under this new banner. Read More

Japan temporarily halts aid to Vietnam over bribery case

Japan has temporarily suspended official development aid to Vietnam over a bribery case, officials said Tuesday, dealing a possible blow to Tokyo's efforts to shore up its relationship with Hanoi. Fresh yen-loans and funding for an ongoing urban railway project have been halted after six Vietnamese railway officials were detained over allegations of corrupt payments, the foreign ministry said in a statement. Read More

Kenya pays price over graft scandal to ease bond sale

It should have been a triumph that would revive Kenya's status as a favourite with foreign investors. Instead, the country's long-awaited debut on the sovereign bond market has become entangled in a decade-old corruption scandal. Eight years ago, Uhuru Kenyatta - now Kenyan president but then just an opposition lawmaker - led the parliamentary accounts committee investigating what became known as the "Anglo Leasing" scandal. The committee looked into a series of 18 grossly overpriced security contracts with ghost companies worth a combined $770m, and branded them "a scam". Read More

Doctor exposes China's medical corruption epidemic

Ordering excess drugs and treatment, and taking bribes from patients and drugmakers, are open secrets in China's over-burdened health sector, according to a news story by Agence France-Presse. "The failings of the system provoke so much anger that reports routinely emerge of patients attacking and killing medical personnel," reports AFP. "In April a 45-year-old man unhappy with his circumcision stabbed a doctor to death in the eastern province of Jiangsu." Read More

Liberia police dogged by graft despite decade of reforms

In the shade of palms lining Monrovia's Waterside Market, street vendors vie for customers, yelling to passers-by about their latest bargains while keeping an eye out for the ever-present menace of the police. Sitting behind her jewellery stall, 29-year-old student Zoe Freeman smiles nervously as she explains how officers in Liberia's capital regularly confiscate her merchandise and extort money from her. "Sometimes they charge you $10, another time you pay $20 or 500 Liberian dollars ($5.80/4.2 euros). The prices vary with different officers," she tells AFP. Read More

India's mobile governance project wins UN award

A union communications and IT ministry project on "mobile governance" has won the second prize at the prestigious United Nations' Public Services Awards. The project, called "mobile seva" was launched by the Dept. of Electronics and Information Technology's(DeitY) in January 2012, and won in the category "Promoting Whole of Government Approaches in the Information Age" for Asia-Pacific. Read More

Anticorruption bills gain momentum in S. Korea after ferry tragedy

Korean lawmakers are seeking to pass a set of anticorruption bills by June to ensure public safety and eliminate government cronyism to tackle the fallout from the ferry disaster that left more than 300 people dead or missing. Lawmakers hope the new legislations will root out decades-old government practices potentially harmful to public safety. Read More